Ararat Musical Comedy Society is a community theatre group in Ararat, Victoria, Australia, that loves everything related to the stage!

We have a policy of absolute inclusion, meaning that when anyone in our region wants to be onstage, we will find a place for you.

Very few theatre groups out there have such an inclusive and communal spirit.

We primarily produce Musicals, but we have from time to time put on Plays as well.

Our "modus operandi" is to every year put on the very best productions that we can, with the limited resources we have available.

We focus on creativity and pure enjoyment for all involved, and whilst we love it when we do very well, perfection is not our number one agenda.

We are very fortunate to have a strong and dynamic relationship with the Ararat City Band, who provide the most astounding soundtracks to all of our productions. We are also blessed with very generous and skilled Creatives who make sure all the behind the scenes work is done to a very high standard and provides excellent support to every production's cast.



From our humble beginnings, AMCS has produced many fine shows and has been an outlet for local talent and artistic expression



Over the years, many fine Sets have been constructed for our shows. There is no doubt that 1981 saw the best we've ever put on stage



Iconic Costumes have also graced the stage for our productions. When we first put on My Fair Lady, the "Ascot Scene" got a standing ovation



AMCS strikes a balance between looking after our adult thespians and creating opportunities for tomorrow's stars to have their go onstage



Whilst AMCS will always love our classic Musicals, we are more and more diving into newer and newer territory with the shows we put onstage

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